Why I've banished that BBB seal from my website

Well peeps, the Business Learning Curve has struck me again.

Having been in business for a few years, some of you may have noticed that last year I signed up for accreditation with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) - you may have also noticed that I added their BBB seal to my website. I did this in order to give my customers peace of mind that I always operate with integrity and with the best customer service that I can provide. I sincerely want people to know that I am an honorable person and that I care very much that you all are happy with your purchases.

And, everything was fine. A few people have left some nice reviews, and I figured it would build over time.

Ok so, what's wrong with that, you ask?

Well, let's back up a bit. There is another not-so-honorable company that has been posting on Facebook repeatedly (as the Chickens Are Awesome page), promoting the illegal sale of other artist's copyrighted works, along with stealing and using artists' photos on their page. It's been an ongoing problem for a long time, but not enough customers and chicken fans understand that it's happening, so Facebook does nothing about it.

Today, I stumbled across that company's BBB rating. Guess what? Even with a 37% negative review rating and 149 customer and artist complaints, the BBB sees fit to continue to give their company an A rating. The same as my rating.

See their profile for yourself here.

So naturally the first thing I asked myself (and emailed them) was: why should I, Chicken Art, continue to pay my dues to an organization that rates my precious Chicken Art business the SAME as those lying, cheating scoundrels who scam everyone?

Then I did a little reading online and found these, along with many other articles as well.

From CNN:
How the Better Business Bureau Rakes In Millions
Some truly horrifying examples from that article

And from ABC News:
Terror Group Gets "A" Rating From Better Business Bureau?

Turns out the BBB isn't what we all think it is.

Needless to say, I can see that the BBB "rating" is a gigantic waste of my time and money, and it provides very little service to YOU either. I cannot trust it, you cannot trust it, so there is no point in paying for their "accreditation" and putting it on my website anymore.

I wonder if they will make my "A" an "F" once I stop paying them?

Anyway it's gone now. You won't see it again and I will no longer will support their scammy practices. I would much rather rely on your beautiful, precious product reviews anyway, since those actually have real meaning. And I love each and every one that you have so generously given.