About Sarah

I live in Vermont, my favorite place in all the world. It’s a place full of pastures and green mountains, farms and forest. It’s full of back-country dirt roads, deer, coyote, fox, raccoons, fisher cats, woodchucks, chipmunks, and hawks.

Newfane, Vermont

The Pecking Order

“I know what you did last summer, Harriet.”

Harriet and Emma


I grew up on a small wood-heated homestead with chickens, sheep, horses, cats and dogs, and ran barefoot exploring the surrounding fields and forest. I spent my childhood bonding with animals, drawing and painting them, and they became my closest friends. I also learned to take care of them, to grow food and preserve it, and to work hard on the land. These experiences taught me a deep respect for the natural cycles of life, the beings that animals are, their habitat, and how they sustain, feed, and inform our lives. I live much the same way now.

My Flock

I keep a small flock of around 10-12 hens who give us eggs and who we treat as pets. I also raise a flock of meat birds every summer, I give them the best lives that I can, and when the time comes, dignity, gratitude, and respect in their deaths. We hunt deer, we grow a small vegetable and herb garden, and we buy the rest of our food, raw milk, beef, pork, and other vegetables, from our local small farms. Every summer we make fermented pickles, and every fall I make a year’s worth of canned tomatoes, beans, and chicken broth. One day I hope to get a couple of dairy goats.

Read my Journal

My thoughts on life, death, and our relationship with animals


Why do I paint chickens? The backyard chicken is perhaps one of the most under-appreciated creatures in this beautiful world of ours. They are sweet, curious, intelligent, and funny. Their colors, patterns, and feathers are truly beautiful, and they offer a wonderful combination of dignity and hilarious fun as well. They are utterly vulnerable, and yet a hen will fiercely protect her chicks and a rooster will lay down his life for the flock. I strive to make my artwork the best it can be to represent and honor them.

In the Studio

In recent years I have infused my artwork with humor, as I believe it gives people permission to focus on the positive joy in life. I continue to do this, but my work is evolving too… and while I have focused entirely on chickens in recent years, in 2018 I plan to add many other animals as well. Sometimes I draw, hand-paint in watercolor, and adapt my work in Photoshop, but more recently have been fortunate enough to be able to work on a beautiful new Cintiq drawing table, which allows me to paint directly on the screen. I absolutely adore it, and the flexibility and fun that it offers me.

My Studio

Painting right on the screen feels just like it does on paper. I get to use hundreds of different “brushes” depending on what effect I want to create.

So much fun…

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